State-of-the-art radiochromic film dosimetry and QA is a web application for radiochromic film dosimetry and QA.

We apply the newest technologies in medical computing to make life easier for hundreds of medical physicists all around the world.


  • is a web service: access your personal account anytime, anywhere.
  • is a cloud computing application: you have the power of a supercomputer in your browser.
  • Scan radiochromic films and upload them easily to your account.
  • Import dose planes from your TPS, EPID or 2D detectors array.
  • Calibrate film lots in a matter of minutes.
  • Convert film pixel values to dose distributions with only a few clicks.
  • Compare dose distributions using the 2D gamma index.
  • Calculate beam Flatness and Symmetry.
  • Measure the radiation isocenter with our outstanding Starshot test.
  • Take advantage of the machine learning algorithm implemented for automatic registration.
  • Analyze your results with integrated image analysis features. is made by Medical Physicists for Medical Physicists.

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