Instructions for use is a web application for quality assurance (QA) of medical radiation therapy systems. Intended users are Medical Physicists and Researchers.

We provide mathematical computations that allow applying different protocols for radiochromic film dosimetry and radiation therapy QA published in the scientific literature. Insufficient knowledge and experience on radiochromic film dosimetry or radiation therapy QA may lead to incorrect use of this software. To avoid this, includes Tutorials with recommended protocols and user interface help. should work on all modern browsers. is developed by Radiochromic S.L., registered address: Santa Barbara 54 7 13, 46450 Benifaio, Spain.

No injury or damage to health is expected from the use of this device. Nevertheless, any serious health deterioration of a patient, user, or other person that has occurred in relation to this software should be reported immediately to Radiochromic S.L. and the competent authorities.


Downtime is inevitable. However, we put extensive effort into minimizing it. As a result, has been available more than 99.99% of the time. does not record or use patient data. Do not enter patient data into the application.

Radiochromic film dosimetry is affected by many sources of uncertainty. An incorrect protocol for film irradiation and scanning, as well as inherent uncertainties of the dosimetry model, may produce errors in film doses, resulting in differences between the expected dose distribution and the dose calculated with film dosimetry. As a consequence, additional tests may be required to verify the accuracy of the dose distribution.

Date of issue of these instructions: 2021-08-24.