Radiochromic.com is a web application for radiochromic film dosimetry, machine quality assurance, and image analysis. Our mission is to leverage the latest technologies in medical computing to create the best resources for these areas. Research and innovation drive us.

Radiochromic.com is made by medical physicists for medical physicists. We are medical physicists engaged in research on radiochromic films and with vast experience on software development.

Radiochromic.com receives regular updates with new features and enhancements. We consistently implement new tools to facilitate the work of hundreds of medical physicists worldwide.

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality and best support.


Radiochromic.com is a CE marked and U.S. FDA registered medical device.

Unique device identification (UDI):   *+B9875X10/$3P*

FDA Owner/Operator Number: 10059290.

FDA Device Listing Number: D337869-MWW.

Our team
Bled Natxo
Ignasi (Natxo) Méndez, PhD
Co-founder, medical physicist, researcher, full stack cloud developer
Valencia Juanjo
Juan J. Rovira-Escutia, MSc
Co-founder, medical physicist, data visualization and Python developer