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Radiochromic film dosimetry
Easy, fast, and accurate radiochromic film dosimetry developed by researchers in film dosimetry. We implement state-of-the-art multichannel film dosimetry as well as noise reduction, lateral, inter-scan, recalibration corrections...
Machine QA
Complete your QA for radiotherapy (e.g., TG-142) and radiology with our automatic Catphan phantom analysis, MLC QA, Winston-Lutz test, Starshot test... Seamlessly measure output factors for small fields with our Radiation Field functionality.
Image analysis
Import and analyze films, EPID images, dose planes from your TPS, etc. Automatically register and compare absolute and relative dose distributions with the Gamma index. Apply transformations, calculate statistics, export images or profiles...
Software as a service
Access your account anytime, anywhere. No installation required. Your software is always updated. Your work is secured, encrypted, anonymized, and backed up. Get help for a specific item with just one click.

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