Radiochromic film dosimetry, Machine QA, and Image analysis. is made by Medical Physicists for Medical Physicists

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Radiochromic film dosimetry

  • is state-of-the-art radiochromic film dosimetry.
  • Utilize advanced Multichannel film dosimetry with the Multigaussian method.
  • Improve your results with noise reduction, lateral, inter-scan, and re-calibration corrections.
  • Implement an up-to-date and accurate protocol based on continuous research in film dosimetry.
  • Experience easy, fast, and accurate radiochromic film dosimetry.

Machine QA

  • Measure the radiation isocenter with the Starshot test.
  • Check the positioning accuracy of your MLC with the Picket Fence test.
  • Automatically verify the Coincidence of Light and Radiation fields.
  • Characterize Radiation Fields of WFF photons, FFF photons, and electron beams.
  • Validate the coincidence of mechanical and radiation isocenters with the Winston-Lutz test.
  • Measure CT and CBCT image quality with automatic Catphan phantom analysis.

Image analysis

  • Display and analyze images in your favorite web browser.
  • Use the 2D Gamma Index to compare absolute and relative dose distributions.
  • Automatically register two images and calculate the differences between them.
  • Work with films, EPID images, and imported dose planes from your TPS or 2D detector array.
  • Apply image transformations, compute histograms, and calculate statistics over a ROI.
  • Export images, profiles, and average profiles.

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